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Spectrum Marketing Recruitment.

Spectrum has been in business since 1988 handling marketing for the agency and consultancy sides in Brand Strategy, Digital, Design, Innovation and Experiential.

Our clients have used us over the years to help build their business.

We spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients in Brand Strategy, DesignLive Events, Experiential Marketing and Digital.

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Senior Designer / Creative Director

£70,000 - £100,000

Packaging Design

They have a top 10 World ranking. They attract the best clients and best people. Reason – the guy at the top is a genius! ..

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Project Manager / Account Manager

£30,000 - £50,000

Creative Branding / Design

Brilliant Branding / Design Consultancy with an incredible reputation with big name global client names. They are called in specifically to create a unique proposition or big idea. If a massive global client is owned by an individual person then they are dealing with that person. So pretty amazing stuff...

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Branding Consultant

£50,000 - £80,000


Branding Consultancy delivering fantastically creative but strategic innovation into the big FMCG companies/ retailers own label. Their client base relies upon them to come up with the future of their brands. You will be “big idea” conscious. It will be in your blood. We are looking for a brain-stormer - someone who relishes the challenge of new concepts and has the ability, tenacity and resolve to see them through. ..

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Branding Consultant

£75,000 - £100,000


This relatively new Branding Consultancy is causing havoc around London. Their big idea initiatives and creative but strategically correct shockwaves are making the establishment decidedly jumpy! They pride themselves on not being like anyone else! Or imitating their competitors. This all sounds arrogant. Arrogant they are not but they are fantastic at focusing on corporate problems and coming up with the most brilliant solutions. We are looking for another
odd ball to join them. By that we mean a seriously clever original mind who always seems to come up with the right solution. They want that gene.

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Senior Graphic Designer

£70,000 - £90,000

International Packaging Design

This is a fantastic opportunity for a Graphic Designer who has got real depth of purpose and big idea raw creative talent. We are looking for someone who can sit down with brilliant Strategists / Semiotitions / Client and thrash out the best and most effective National and International solutions. ..

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How To … Make a Career Change

This is the day and age when most of us decide to switch horses at least once during our career.  The most useful people to give advice on your next career move are recruitment consultants.

You need to have a think about the area you want to move into and think about the transferable skills on your CV.

Highlight the skills that are relevant to the area you want to move into and emphasis them on your CV.

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