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Senior Account Manager

£40,000 - £50,000

Integrated Communication/Digital and Events

We are looking for a personality. Someone who everyone gravitates to. A magnet. The centre of the room. Why?. Well this Integrated Agency seems to be full of “real characters” who have depth of personality. The CEO is a legend in this field and certainly one of the best know names working in London today. ...

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Research / Branding Consultant

£40,000 - £50,000

Research / Branding

We are looking for someone with a research background who has come to the conclusion that they are fed up with supplying reams of information and now want to try their hand at providing the answers. This fantastic and iconic opportunity exists for someone who wants to work alongside some of the most talented marketing solutions providers in the UK. ...

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Research and Branding Director

£80,000 - £100,000

Research and Branding

You have reached the top and yet you feel unfulfilled and short-changed. Somehow you have never been adequately rewarded for the major contribution that you make. You also live in the land of “too little too late” and “broken promises”. It is time to revaluate your career and more importantly your goals. ...

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Business Development manager

£40,000 - £70,000

Digital / Integrated Agency – Music Movies Sport Entertainment Motor

Music, Movies, Entertainment, Software, Media Owners and many Sport Clients names and many of the celebrities who exist as flees on their back.
On top of which this agency stands alone as an enigma and icon. Once you get a reputation for being someone to trust in these sassy industry sectors you win most of your business on the recommendation of others. ...

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Digital Strategist

£60,000 - £80,000

Digital Branding and Design

This would suit someone who loves and lives for front end digital solutions. Someone who gets a kick out of providing the best digital package or solution. We are looking for someone who is profound but innovative in coming up with the answers and is happy to help present them to clients. Clients who are not experts in this field and need hand holding. ...

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Welcome to Spectrum

Spectrum is highly experienced at giving advice to candidates of all levels.

We have a good list of clients and consultancies spread across the best in Brand Strategy, Design, Live Events and Experiential.

We are an extremely approachable consultancy and show the same respect to both senior and junior candidates.

We take time to get to know all our candidates and help them write their CVs and prepare for interview.

We believe in getting our candidates their market value and delivering them a career not a rut.

We deal with clietns who offer fair pay and as a result have low staff turnover.  Those are the types of clients we have on our list.

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