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International Graphic Designer

£40,000 - £60,000

Global Branding Design

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who loves to be a Graphic Designer but also loves to travel. Plus and icon brand to work on internationally. ...

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International Account Director

£50,000 - £60,000

Global Shopper Marketing

This is a top privately owned integrated agency (£15m this year).

They have the flexibility to do as they like and so will you! They like people who like to be challenged.

People who travel and are natural explorers will have the attitude that this great shopper agency want!.

This is a job for someone who might have the “travel bug”. ...

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Managing Director Research and Branding Consultancy

£80,000 - £100,000

Insights and Innovation

This is a fantastic opportunity for a maverick to spread wings.

This is a get out of Colditz card! Currently you do a brilliant job but you are different from everyone else.

You have a big personality and your clients love you. Note that “love” is personality and ability driven.

You are tolerated where you are but not appreciated or rewarded for your extraordinary gifts. Research can be and is about providing data and it can be as dry as a bone.

You have an edge on everyone around you including your boss. You can look at data and provide the solution and just for fun you do!. ...

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Account Director / Pitcher

£70,000 - £90,000

Design Branding

Fantastic bonus package on top of an excellent basic salary. That`s good but the prospects are even better.

This ladder will get you on to the Board within 2 years if you are exceptional.

We are experts in negotiating deals like this and we can guide through the mine field of what is reasonable to ask and what isn’t!

This is one of the most successful strategic and yet creative FMCG agency groups. ...

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Junior Managing Director

£60,000 - £75,000 plus great incentives.


We need a minimum of 8 years to pull this off. You are currently an ambitious Account Director in Design / Branding who is wondering about the years slipping by with no real increase in cash or responsibility.

You are “treading water” simply because your MD runs a life style Consultancy that feeds his Ferrari collection!

There are plenty of them about. The most important thing for you (and you don’t know it!) is that you join a Design / Branding Consultancy that does not have a “closed Board”....

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Welcome to Spectrum

Spectrum is highly experienced at giving advice to candidates of all levels.

We have a good list of clients and consultancies spread across the best in Brand Strategy, Design, Live Events and Experiential.

We are an extremely approachable consultancy and show the same respect to both senior and junior candidates.

We take time to get to know all our candidates and help them write their CVs and prepare for interview.

We believe in getting our candidates their market value and delivering them a career not a rut.

We deal with clietns who offer fair pay and as a result have low staff turnover.  Those are the types of clients we have on our list.

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